NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS


Pic by me. Taken 6/23/17.

520 Park Ave as viewed from LIC. If you zoom in, its in the middle following the road in the distance.




201706084 New York City Upper East Side Met Museum by taigatrommelchen, on Flickr





John Boehner!





I agree


August 11th, 2017


Part of the stellar crew working at the site of 520 Park Avenue celebrating a job well done with some bubbly as the last piece of limestone façade is being ready to be installed. The latest collaboration Zeckendorf Development and Robert A M Stern architects is now standing tall in all of its limestone glory as part of the distinct skyline of New York City’s Upper East Side.


This tower is stunning!!

Hopefully, the filthy tenements next door will be redeveloped. Only in NY!


Scaffoldings have gone up in front of the four townhouses next to 520 Park Ave. Looks like they are getting a complete overhaul of their facades and storefronts right now.


That’s great news! Can you take a photo?


Scaffoldings are up and it looks like the work on the neighboring townhouse facades has started.



Do they have a rendering of how it will look?



Nice shot, 5B!
Is that from the GM Building?



This tower is beautiful.

I hope that these filthy tenements are restored.

In fact, these heinous eyesores grossly contradict the following statement from the developer’s website about the location:

“A neighborhood that evokes privacy, prestige and success unlike any other. New York’s finest residences, best restaurants, most elegant shopping and iconic examples of pre-war architecture, right outside your door.”

Contrary to that statement, “right outside your door” are dilapidated pieces of garbage with a cheap deli and a nail salon.