NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS


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So why does that 1 side have the facade to the top already? Or is that a fake facade/fake windows? Seems like it has been ahead of all other sides through the whole construction process. Why?


@JC_Heights those are fake windows to hide the core that lies on the other side of the wall


The side directly facing the park is where they put the core?


yes, that is the major flaw with this building. Due to a tight foundation (we forget that there is a cantilever), Stern put the core facing the park, which is horrible in my opinion. 220 also has a faux facade to accommodate the core, but that is located on the south side of the building where the views will be blocked by 217 W.57.


The north side of this tower has views of the Park at least as good as those on the west wall. And there are windows on the west side on either side of the core.

Google search for 520 Park Avenue blueprints




photo by local1256, found on flickr.

Run As One 4Mile 4-23-17 by local1256, on Flickr


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pics by me from yesterday