NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS


I think it will start within a year. Wall St, and, in turn, NY real estate, will boom under President Trump.


I agree with you about President Trump, Robert! Great times for NYC ahead!

BY THE WAY, I just got back home from my first ever trip to NYC! It was absolutely amazing. The buildings are so big and beautiful, and the street life even exceeded my expectations. It was truly breathtaking. I knew I was in the capital of the world as I sat in Bryant Park under the Bank of America Tower and Grace building and took in the sheer electricity of the city. That fair they had on 6th Avenue was pretty awesome, as well! I was walking down 6th at about 7 pm when the fair was closed and the street was filthy, though! Garbage everywhere. The Garment District also has some derelict buildings that need to be redeveloped. The views from 30 Rock are insane. I spotted several construction projects! 520 Park Avenue was one of them! It is going to look fabulous! I would have messaged you on here to meet up but I didn’t have time and was with a bunch of family. We will meet for drinks some day soon! I HAVE to move to The City!

New York! America! The glory of it all!


Hi, Lion.

I would have met you for a beer if I knew you were coming. Next time, amigo.

The streets are always dirty on Sun because there’s no garbage pickup.

The buildings in the Garnent District are stunning. They just need to be cleaned.

I think the best areas of NYC are

Flat Iron
Union Sq
Wall St
The West Village

Tourists congregate in Midtown between 32nd and 57th, yet, despite the skyscrapers, that’s far from the best area architecturally.






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How much taller will this get, VG?


Still has quite a bit to go it appears.

In the pic, there’s a brown and white trimmed brick building right in front of it and that’s 515 Park Ave and that is 530 ft tall.


Great news! Thx.




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The City!!!






John Boehner!!!


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