NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS


Gorgeous, but those 4 s.h.i.t. buildings next door must come down.


Agreed, this building needs its space, its a star! Give this diva some space


Actually, one entity owns the four adjacent tenements. Therefore, a tower, as tall, or taller, will rise right next door!


This may be Stern’s most ornate facade!


This tower will be stunning, but these eyesores can’t come down soon enough.

May 10th




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Limestone looking fabulous.


I was there today myself and was going to post my photos later. I think that this will be Stern’s best tower – way better than 220 CPS.

Those little tenements next door must come down ASAP though.


beautiful façade.


x 1000.

Yeah this tower is too much of a success that I’m convulsing as I typeee kjkfjjf thhhiiiiiississssss fjfk jlkfj kj ffuuucuckk ittt lookks ks lkdjs kajd GOOD :smile:


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Glad to have your photos document the modern day roaring 20’s.

This and 220 South are gems.


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June 1st


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This is growing really fast!


this is one of those skyscrapers where Manhattanites are going to be all “woah, when did that one rise?” about.