NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS


Aug 11th



“… and voila! One of the smaller bay windows in place on one of the lowest floors. Even from the very lowest residence at 520 Park Avenue you overlook the building right across Park Avenue towards the Queensboro Bridge (also known as the 59th Street Bridge), and once you go up further in the building the Eastern views towards Brooklyn and the East River open up”


“The windows are arriving on Madison Avenue. Fascinating to see construction process at 520 Park Avenue”


“The technical precision needed to crane in these mammoth bay windows is astounding. Residence 14 and 15 are the two lowest of the residences at 520 Park Avenue, more than 150 feet above street level and at the level of a standard Park Avenue Penthouse”


And now a photo from Sutton Place this morning.




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“Seeing the tower rising from the top of the GM Building. 520 Park Avenue will soon become overtake the GM buildings 702’ with almost another 100’ as it continues its journey towards becoming the tallest building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side”



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Today, 08/22/2016


For non-New Yorker’s NYC1"s photo was taken in front of the eastern portion of the site of Kuafu’s Subway Inn Tower. Thus, you can see the proximity of these great towers.



“Window watching at 520 Park Avenue. The building seen from Park Avenue as it is rising above Christ Church. The 14th, 15th,16th, and 17th full-floor Simplex windows have already been installed”





Great photos, VG.






Great photos, VG!


Aug 27

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