NEW YORK | 520 5th Ave | 920 FT | 76 FLOORS



Oh. My.


I’m John Boehner, and I approve that message!




Nice, find Yim!!


Jan 3

The crappy little Christmas market is gone.


I’ve been been diving into an old photo archive tumblr. Here’s a throwback to 500 Fifth Avenue U/C in 1930. Another, taller monolith will soon rise nearby at 520 Fifth…

Photos: Unknown. Source: Willis, Carol. “Form Follows Finance. Skyscrapers and Skylines in New York and Chicago”. (New York. Princeton Architectural Press. 1995). Retrieved from:

Photo: Irving Underhill. Source: Wired New . Retrieved from:


500 5th ave is a jewel. It just had its facade refurbished.


I agree


sorry for the quality… point is there is an excavator on site





I didn’t know that Ceruzzi and SMI own the Lipstick

He has deeper pockets than I thought.


So is this replacing that old build or will it be next door (obscuring it?). This is gonna have a really nice presence, pretty similar to Chrysler building (this wont have a spire to boost its stats)


Everything on this site has already come down. It was nothing special.


I feel like this excavator is almost too big to even move around on this small lot.



City Realty put out another unseen rendering of the retail podium (although it’s sort of at odds with the previous renderings).

Take this with a huge grain of salt, just a massing of sorts


What’s that huge tower behind 1 Vandy?


666 Fifth Ave… the Kushner property


I like the stone podium way better!