NEW YORK | 52-03 + 52-41 Center Blvd. | 587 FT + 475 FT | 56 + 46 FLOORS


Do we know the height of the tallest tower?
It looks like its over 500 feet.


more towers revealed. These are separate from TF Cornerstone’s job. However, since this part will be largely affordable, I doubt it will be as nice as rendered.


Plans were filed in October for one of the buildings in TF Cornerstone’s plot. 587’ and 56 floors at 52-03 Center Blvd.


Construction site today (apologies

for poor quality)


Great view! Thanks for contributing and welcome to the site.

Phase 2 doesnt show much progress but phase 3 (the southern section) shows some good progress from Tec’s drone shots 9 months ago. Looks like they have completed the new roads with street lighting and have each development site nicely sectioned off for future development.


Thank you for the warm welcome! I seem to remember seeing an old rendering where there was a pedestrian/bicycle bridge connecting phase 3 area and Greenpoint. Is that still in the plans?


A aerial of the future site of Phase II.

Credit: FC


Boardwalk conecting the little park on the water


Nice shot, Falco! Do you live in a high rise near there?


Yes I do. I got up on a park bench to take this photo, my wife thought I was nuts!


looks like they’re constructing surge barriers.



My wife thinks it’s crazy when I take skyscraper photos too!


plans for the second building have been filed (I believe TRD incorrectly reported this as a downsize of the original plans, but those were filed for 52-03 Center Blvd, not 52-41. This should be the second tower)


The article also mentioned another development owned by TF cornerstone directly to the north of the anable basin redevelopment. A 500ft and 600 ft tower could rise there if they are approved the rezoning they requested. Another 1000+ apt complex with school, office space, manufacturing, retail, and a park.

From last summer. I dont think there is a thread for this one yet.


Still no action at the tf cornerstone sites but there was a small excavator in the middle of the lot. Not sure how long it has been there.

All sites at hunters pt south are closed off for future developments but all throughout the area they have been putting in more parks.


Hunters Point South Park - Phase Two

Credit: FC



great update! This looks like one of Gotham/Riseboro’s plots. Does anyone know what address they’re using to look up the DOB filings?


a proposed case to the FAA for “Parcel F” 559 ft.

“Parcel G” 336 ft.


Good Find. Appears they may try to build the ones at the tip of Hunters Point first? Unless other parcels are also under faa review?

Google shows that the coordinates given on the faa match up with previous plans for site G and F.