NEW YORK | 515 West 38th St | 367 FT | 30 FLOORS


Nice photo you found, VG!







Insane 5 min torrential rainstorm today! Then nothing but blue skies & sun.



I was on the other side of the tower (from where this vid was shot) right before that storm came through and saw tons of debris and dust coming out of the building. It looked the building was on fire and smoke wqs coming out for a while but it was just dust and debris. Another guy I was talking to on the corner said he saw a large piece of sheet metal go flying out of the building also.




Aug 4th


Like the first shot, JC_Heights!
Good job!


Update at


Great update, JC. This tower is really nice!




Wow. This building came out pretty nice


Pleasantly surprised.



pics by me

[/url]FW4A8170 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr[/IMG]

FW4A8159 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A8164 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A8180 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A8189 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


Great updates, gents. This looks great.






Nov 8


This building came out really nice.