NEW YORK | 515 West 38th St | 367 FT | 30 FLOORS


Great photo!


Facade with the windows looks pretty decent. Could get an idea of how it will turn out in the latest pic. Kinda has that brick facade with the expansive windows that we have been seeing with some of the smaller UES condo towers recently.

I wonder what will replace the DHL building in the future. Its somewhat a large parcel. I wonder if a “Sky” like tower could rise, similar to what we see on West 42nd.




photo by Marvin Beatty, from flickr.

IMG_4200 by Marvin Beatty, on Flickr

also a rendering


Great photos!


I just realized the Hudson Boulevard street ends at W38th Street

@BKSK Architects




Wow. Looks like it is almost topped out. Maybe 1 more floor then the crown. Hope the facade turns out nice.



The plan is for it to eventually end at 42nd.


Yes, that’s true RW!

I meant the Boulevard street itself. I always thought the road itself would go all the way through to 42nd.

I just realized which shows in the HY boulevard map below, that the streets itself (Boulevard East & West ends at West 38th, then this lawn section starts & becomes this walkway bridge that extends all the way to West 42nd.


Interesting. Is the part that leads to 42nd all elevated.


Yea, it’s interesting. My hope is that ultimately 42nd street would get that rail / pedestrian zone project proposed. That would be cool.

It would be a great way connecting Times Square to Hudson Boulevard to Hudson Plaza all the way through the high line ending at the meat packing district.


I agree, VG. A Pedestrianized 42nd St is essential. The streetcar, moreover, would link some of NY’s greatest attractions: the UN, GCT, Times Sq, and the Intrepid.

While it’s a no-brainer, getting anything done in NY – which requires governmental consent – is impossible. The City government thinks that their sole purpose is to accommodate the poor.


Very interesting.


And this is also very interesting.

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These last 2 pics are great!

Also the 2nd pic shows a great angle of 30 HY. Its so freakin massive already!