NEW YORK | 515 W 36th St | 418 FT | 38 FLOORS


It looks good




They are working soooo fast wow.
One glass pane a week.
Never before seen in New York History.
On a more serious note, why is this dragging on?
It’s not as if it’s some sort of complex architectural marvel
This topped out over 3 months ago and we have 7 measly panes of glass.
At least the quality is decent for such a boring tower






A bit more progress


The glass looks good






Yea this has been stalled for a while or in a limbo. Good to finally see that facade being applied,


Pic by me. Taken today.

515 W 36th C.Estevez by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


Nice shots, Chris


Last week


When they market this building, what neighborhood do they say it’s in?


the whole swath of the far west side from 42nd street to Chelsea is blanketed under Hudson Yards. It’s the hot neighborhood so most new developments in the district will flaunt it.





Ooh. This looks nice up close.


Hudson Yards. They built retail facing west that currently opens to an alley but will open to Hudson Blvd in (fingers crossed) < 5 years. TF Cornerstone did the same thing accross the street and whiteboxed it as gallery-type space but eventually it will be worth $$$