NEW YORK | 515 W 36th St | 418 FT | 38 FLOORS




I feel like this one is topped out, but still no glass?



The shape is boring, but it’s no worse than Foster’s $4b monstrosity at 50 HY


They took the netting off the parapet.




How’s the glass up close, Tec?


That first shot is 461 w 34th


You’re right JC - I thought you could see the top of 515 but it’s blocked by 461. This 3rd shot is both of them together.


Thanks, JC. 461 is turning out nicer than I expected!


Lets hope this also turns out nice. We have still never really seen a decent render, aside from the ones posted on site which are lacking detail.



Nice shots, Jc.

Hopefully, the glass will be good


This will be complete before the glass even starts.
-Yogi Berra


finally! Some glass- and it looks better than expected.


Nice shot Jc

That looks good!


My coworker took this from the 25th floor of the new yorker this past week.

(Click for full image)





some cell phone shots: