NEW YORK | 501 + 515 West 18th St | 250 FT | 21 FLOORS








First facade work! Anxious to see the windows
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Woodrow Wilson!


Yes finally a glimpse at the windows! Absolutely beautiful.


Those windows look even better in real life. Beautiful!



There is so much development going on the High Line. A lot of sheds have come down and new ones gone up.

It took me a minute to figure out what this one was.

To me this is the “bubblewrap” building.


Oh wow. That went up fast.


West tower:



The brickwork on the facade is now being installed: or that may only be a mock-up. This design is brilliant: masonry on the facade, articulated curvy windows, along with an undulating facade for even more embellishment and visual interest. I am so glad to see everyone is not doing those bland smooth blue glass facades; the type we see all over Hudson Yards and elsewhere throughout the city.