NEW YORK | 501 + 515 West 18th St | 250 FT | 21 FLOORS


I was wondering where you went. Havent seen any updates from you for a long time. I assumed you moved offices outside the city. Will you be back to the city eventually?


I live in Westchester, but I’m working in-house in Westchester now too, so I don’t even go to court in the city

These days, I go in on rare occasions to the museums with my kids.


From Related’s website:



Great find. :beers:


Thanks, amigo!


One of the neat things about the excavation process is the “archaeological” aspect. At this site, they’ve uncovered the brick foundations of two enormous gas tanks that date back to at least 1852. Also, the precolonial shoreline ran through here, and I’m hoping to see evidence of the early fill which was evident when they excavated for the condos to the north of the site.


That’s amazing! I’m glad it was documented


looks like things are in full swing.

New York en travaux perpétuels by gaelle et arnaud, on Flickr







Heatherwick’s about to blow everyone’s mind on the HL :sunglasses:


Facade mockup in progress.


This is going to be amazing


Facade mockup complete.




I liked the original design better.


I thought the color of the window frames were supposed to be gold or bronze? Quite darker than the renderings visualized. Maybe it’s just the overcast skies, but definitely a darker material.


I prefer the darker material. I think that’s what was planned all along. The renderings just showed it in sunlight.


They used a composite material and painted it to simulate bronze. Possibly just for the mockup. The actual color doesn’t really show in the photos.