NEW YORK | 501 + 515 West 18th St | 250 FT | 21 FLOORS


Very nice!

I hope it starts soon.


Work has started.




Bring on the wine cave! (Pile of barrel’s)


Good one!


that building up top was extraordinary


On the fence. I’ll have to wait until this is finished to have an opinion.






I wonder if they’re all duplexes.




Nice! So Related’s site is already under construction?

Did you get any photos of Jeanne Gang’s Solar Curve?


Yes. Up to level 3 I think.




Coming up.


Related is already moving fast on this one. (Plus construction shed going up at the uhaul site 5 blocks north)

I hope we dont have to wait a year between these caisons being drilled and actual construction like at the BiG/HFZ site across the street.


Great shots, JC


the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, also by Heatherwick, has a very similar design to this. So it’s something we can compare it too. I think it’ll look great.





Did you get any of the new Cook Fox office tower?

I’ve been working in Westchester for 8 months now and rarely get into the City.