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Construction Update: 500 West 21st Street


500 West 21st Street

While the never-ending winter seemed to result in a slow-down of construction along The High Line, spring is finally here — and work is speeding up on several projects lining the elevated park, including Sherwood‘s new building at 500 West 21st Street. The architect of record is Kohn Pederson Fox.

Sherwood issued a press release last week, announcing the development’s foundation work had been completed; a site visit this weekend confirmed verticality, and the structure is now rising above ground level.

500 West 21st Street, Image from McAuley Digital via The New York Times

Per Sherwood’s CEO Jeffrey Katz, 500 West 21st Street will aid in “creating an urban sanctuary that extends the peacefulness and natural beauty of the High Line.”

Units will average 2,500 square feet apiece, with 32 in total; given the generous square footage of residences, peacefulness will be relatively easy to come by at 500 West 21st Street. The structure will also include 11,636 square feet of ground-level commercial space, and permits on-file with the DOB have the full rundown.

500 West 21st Street

Aesthetically, KPF’s design for the project is a decided departure from the firm’s typical aesthetic; just to the north, KPF is also the architect of Related’s first two office towers at the Hudson Yards, which will be completely unlike 500 West 21st Street. Paul Katz of KPF described the project’s appearance in the aforementioned press release, noting that the “stone-and-metal grid surrounding enormous industrial windows [will] impart a look of distinction that is fully compatible with the building’s urban setting.”

While a 2014 completion date had previously been announced, it appears that 2015 would be a more likely target; regardless, construction is well underway.


June 1


July 12 2014


Construction Update: 500 West 21st Street


500 West 21st Street

The High Line is in bloom. The cranes have sprouted, and a number of structures along the length of the promenade are rising, among them 500 West 21st Street.

New buildings on the High Line are a mix of starchitecture and less pedigreed buildings, but 500 West 21st Street, developed by Sherwood Equities, is a sign that even the simpler structures have upped their game. Gone are the PTAC-pocked rentals of the last boom, replaced by sleeker condos by national design firms, with prices aimed at a much wealthier set.

The KPF-designed building at 500 West 21st Street typifies the latter model, with light stone (which has already been mostly applied), dark steel, and its massive casement windows; prices start in the $2,000s a foot. While it might not be as memorable as something designed by Jean Nouvel or Zaha Hadid, it’s immeasurably superior to the mediocre 10th Avenue rentals of the early- to mid-2000s.

500 West 21st Street, Image from KPF

The eight-story building has gone from ground level to topped out since we looked at it in April (Curbed says topping-out happened in June), and construction looks like it might finish on time, by the end of the year. In addition to the stone that will frame the building, the form of the slightly curvy penthouse has also begun to take shape.

The rapid progress is, unfortunately, due to the structure’s short stature, measuring just 80 feet tall. The High Line’s height limits and relatively low density may have made sense back when the buildings were unremarkable rentals. But now that the area has established itself as a magnet for high design and demand, the restrictions rob the skyline of what it deserves.

But if you’re in the for a nearly 4,000-square-foot eighth-floor penthouse, 500 West 21st has one for you for a mere $16 million. You can check out the finishes at Sherwood’s unusually elaborate model unit, housed in a purpose-built glassy structure on the other side of the High Line.











Construction Update: 500 West 21st Street


500 West 21st Street

Sherwood’s development at 500 West 21st Street has progressed the fastest of any project along the High Line, springing from bare ground to near-completion in the span of only 13 months. Almost all of the building’s cladding has now been installed, and the end result is another classically-inspired addition to the High Line.

Casement close-up

Kohn Pedersen Fox is the project’s architect, and while the structure is a definite departure from the firm’s typically sleek and glassy aesthetic, the design is nevertheless attractive. Detailing on the limestone is especially appealing, and a blank wall facing the High Line is covered in variegated tiles.

Limestone tiles along the upper floors

Casement windows have also appeared in recent weeks, highlighting another trend that has recently taken the High Line by storm, and balconies have also become apparent, though they are tactfully integrated into the structure’s overall form.

500 West 21st Street

500 West 21st Street has 32 units in total, with condominiums priced up to $16 million. Completion is expected later this year.

500 West 21st Street


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