NEW YORK | 50 West St | 778 FT | 64 FLOORS


Beautiful photos, lads


No, not in the top, but on top the parking garage across from the tower


Yeah I figured the lights must be behind 50 west st. But it looked as though they were coming out the roof.

Is there a reason for what nights/times the lights are on.? I feel like i was at wtc wed night around 10pm and the lights were on. But last night when i was down there again from 9-10pm they were not on.

A neat side note- wed night i noticed a ton of birds “trapped” in the beams again. I think this was an issue 5-6 years ago when migratory birds were lured towards the lights and screwed up thier migration or something.


typically they test the lights for a few hours in the week preceding the 11th. They should be on regularly this weekend for the anniversary.


Thanks! That makes more sense then if they were randomly on and off. Also i feel like they may have also played with the angle of the light. From striaght up a couple times to angled over 1wtc.


This pic shows 70 Pine Street’s lovely exterior lighting.




Construction elevator coming down







Finally the construction elevator is coming down!


Excellent. I’ve been waiting.


I was looking at some pictures on reddit when i saw this. User “newhannibal” took this picture from the roof of 50 west. According to him, he spoke to ownership and the construction company to capture some images before they became private views. Not sure how he smooth talked his way up there but cool shot!









Very very great shots, Tectonic!
And look at the 3WTC back there on the first picture!




Construction elevator is completely gone. They were working on the sidewalk and front of the building.