NEW YORK | 50 West St | 778 FT | 64 FLOORS


Great post, Chris!

Have any of you guys ever seen an old movie with Goldie Hawn (Kate Hudson’s mom), Chevy Chase, and Dudley Moore called Foul Play ? If not, Google videos for Dudley Moore and Foul Play. The scene at his apartment is great,and Chris’ post reminded me of it!


What res building is this?? Dudes apt looks really high compared to 50 West.


80 Spruce, the one built a few years back that looks like it has vines hanging from the facade.




Wow, what a cool picture you found VG!!


Thx, Dragon




18 June


Is that from the Circle Line or the SI Ferry? I love sailing on NY Harbor.


Circle Line.


Did you get your tickets by the Intrepid on 42nd Or at Castle Clinton in Battery Park. The latter was used as a fort during the War of 1812.


It was about 1 block south of the Intrepid where you board. I bought the tickets online while we were in chelsea.






Love these photos, especially the last!
Good job, nyconstructionphoto! ^^


Nice shots as always!! Cheers


ya this view shows this towers impact the best. I had not been impressed by 50 West until I did the boat ride and got this view (a little closer up). Very nice addition to downtown from the south and south east.


(Technically, it’s 8 Spruce AKA the Gehry Building.)


JULY 1st