NEW YORK | 50 West St | 778 FT | 64 FLOORS


Cinco de Mayo



Nice photo, Tom.


Agreed. Can’t wait to see its base complete.




Only in NY can a nearly 800’ tower be barely visible on the skyline!


You can also see the 3WTC getting high up as well! That’s why this timelapse video is cool and nice. ^^


Good catch. I saw this vid a couple days ago but never noticed 3wtc rising along with it.



The ladies and I like your photo, Chris!










Very nice! This tower is reaching its completion!


Have you guys, seen these videos before?
These videos are beautiful about this new building in Lower Manhattan. :slight_smile:

And this one shows the finished 50 West St and WTC Tower 2 (Lord Foster’s) and 3 (with spires)!!


I’ve seen them all


Hahahahahaha, good to know.
You’re fast! ^^




Some dude and 50 West.

If I was him, I’d stop staring at the floor and instead, invite some girls, get the strobe lights out, pop some molly, smoke some California bud and dance so that every one can see the lights coming from this unit as we stare in awe as the sun sets.

And yes, all yimby members are invited to the party.

Where going to party like the Wolf of Wall Street!

Credit: NYTimes