NEW YORK | 50 West St | 778 FT | 64 FLOORS


Nice one, Tom!







Nice !


Jan 26, 2016


Looks like a gorgeous day. I was stuck in an office the whole day. :frowning:

I guess that’s how it works. I’m on the field during crappy days, when its 10 F, but nice ones like today stuck here in boring NJ.

I’ll be in Queens though Tuesday so I’ll see if I can snap up some LIC shots that day on the way to Bayside. LIC feels like a whole new city. Like a Jersey City just popped up over the last 5 years.


I look forward to your photos, amigo!


February 20th, 2016



Nice photos! I was there too!


Feb 29th


I feel a sense of melancholy seeing that this is almost finished. We watched it grow, and now, its time to shine has arrived.


It looks great!





This towrr looks great. I can’t wait for 111 Murray (and others) to join it.



Nice photo, Chris!


Good shot, Chris! :smiley:
50 West Street is almost done and that crane won’t be there anymore.


The first of an array of glass residential skyscrapers in Downtown. The start of a new era lads :wink: