NEW YORK | 50 West St | 778 FT | 64 FLOORS


The sloped roof is now visible.




Amazing shot Thomas. I’d almost say this is worthy of a frame and setting it somewhere in the house. I like the film grain / vintage feel to it. Feels very 1970ish in terms of the photo colors.


Credit: Michael Lee


There’s nothing like NY.


Agreed Robert!


This looks utterly amazing in person.

My photos from today

The sloped roof is now visible.

Yimby’s photos


Sleek and sexy. And as others have noted, blends in well with WTC buildings.


I agree, amigo!


Im not sure if you guys are familiar with the game Minecraft, but I built 50 West!






Nice slope!







@Vertical_Gotham where is that model located?


Wow! Very nice.


Hi, Thomas!

They have a sales gallery near by the site. I believe it’s somewhere on Rector street, a block a way or so.


I saw this from the highway that leads from the NJTP to the Holland Tunnel. This tower and all of downtown look stunning from there.


I love this picture I took in August