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I had not seen these recent developments with the design: what happened here. The Snohetta condo tower, was something special; modern, tasteful and just interesting to behold. Now I see a big, simple glass block of a building, that is very run-of-the-mill architecture.


What are you referring to? The Snohetta tower design hasn’t changed.

Are you referencing the initial DOB permits from two years ago?


This thread has been merged from previous topics with older designs appearing further down the thread- so some things seem out of order. Maybe that is the confusion here?


I am still not sure what the current design is for this site. I need to look through the merged thread. I hope that Snohetta design, postedat the top of this thread, is what will be built.


Afaik the Snohetta design is what will be built. I think it will look great.


Snohetta is the one they are using on site.


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the corporate looking sub 300-footer was a bait and switch by Extell. The Snohetta Tower is the real deal.


Looking good: something special. That base section seems a bit dull, and inconsistent with the artful articulations on the upper section: but overall very attractive.


Surprised no one has posted! Usually I’m behind.

What do we think? IMO If anyone can solve this, its Gary.


this is an unfortunate and hypocritical move by the DOB. My opinion is the same as with 200 Amsterdam. If they were going to do this, they should have done it sooner. The site is a pit, and will turn into a blight on the neighborhood if work cannot resume to at least street level.
Still, the irony isn’t lost that the DOB bait and switched on Extell after Extell bait and switched them with the original filings. The DOB gave Extell 2 weeks to respond, so now we wait and see.


This story is fake news (re: permits revoked).


Can’t they instead do something beneficial and revoke the permits for BIG’s atrocity near the ESB?


So the tower is continuing as currently planned?


Source, please. (to evidently debunked revocation news item.)



I was late to the party, and had spent a good part of an hour reading this thread to in order to understand exactly what exactly was to be built on this site, and my conclusion was the 775 foot high Snohetta Design.

It now appears this development site in still in play: I will stay tuned in to this channel for any late breaking news - even if it is “fake news”. HeHe


The news was literally just made up. Apparently Curbed did a story that was accurate.



I spoke to a worker on site (which was busy while I was there) and he said they were “full go”


great to hear (hopefully they can trudge through)… thanks for asking!