NEW YORK | 50 West 66th Street | 775 FT | FLOORS


Snohetta released new images of their new project. Quite beautiful. Is there a thread for this already under a different name?

Images from Snohetta’s website:

NEW YORK | 36 W 66th St | 292 FT | 25 FLOORS

This is a beautiful building, but I would have preferred a Stern in that location.


You took the words right out of my mouth. It only looks great in the context of Lefrak and Milstein clunkers. But once 15CPW is in the picture, it’s obvious that a complementary Stern building would have taken the skyline to a much higher level.


I like it!


Well don’t forget that there are already 3 Stern buildings facing the Park among the limestone facades also facing the Park. The context is the UWS and there’s plenty of glass and stone. It’s also nice to see a building that tapers to a point. Maybe not classically like Stern, but a modern interpretation. And the way the building setbacks is so great. It’s definitely a different and welcome addition! This is Snohetta after all!


Ooooooooh I like this. I would’ve loved a Stern but I almost actually prefer this. I like the mix in between modernity and classical/art deco.
Also there arent enough tastefully designed modern buildings in the upper west side.
I approve


Extell is the developer.

775 feet.



there’s so much trash on that side of the park on Broadway, and any development will stand out in a big way


good to see Extell isn’t slowing down.

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Check it out full size (great render of CPT too):


Be advised- the real deal, as per usual, inaccurately reported without doing some very basic research. Above article mentions that the building’s height increase was due to an air rights transaction with the Jewish Guild for the Blind, directly behind the site on 65th Street. However, Extell actually bought that property (15 West 65th) outright and full demolition was filed in June. This will be a through-block building with the synagogue facing 65th.


the intial work done as of october


They are starting to wrap the building on 65th to come down.


Did Extell acquire any other buildings on 65th? Those horrible tenements with the fire escapes (located next to the eyesore coming down) are heinous.


a rendering with some more context from extell’s website



Looks like they didnt acquire the building you are asking about. I think it is just the old synagogue that will come down.


Only in NY: $50m condos next to a filthy tenement.



Today. Lots of demo on w 65th.