NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 985 FT | 58 FLOORS




As per website, this will rise up to 985 FT.

I’m pretty meh on the design too!

Foster’s design looks very similar to the original concept rendering.


10th Avenue side


10th Ave Entrance

Hudson Plaza Entrance

Located at the northwest corner of 33rd Street and 10th Avenue, and spanning an entire city block, 50 Hudson Yards will be New York City’s fourth largest commercial office tower when completed in 2022.

The tower is designed to offer a working environment flooded with natural light and will reinvent the workplace in a way that inspires collaboration and interaction. Designed by Foster + Partners, the LEED Gold-designed, 2.9-million-gross-square-foot building will stand 985 feet tall, provide direct access to the No. 7 Subway and have entrances on Hudson Park & Boulevard and 10th Avenue, as well as both 33rd and 34th Streets.

The tower will offer column-free floors throughout the building, larger floorplates at the base, private sky lobbies, staggering views of the Hudson River and executive valet parking in a private porte-cochère. The white
stone and glass-clad façade are designed to accentuate the verticality
of the building, while the interior is designed to house large trading
and amenity spaces.

The world’s leading investment management firm, BlackRock, will locate its corporate headquarters at 50 Hudson Yards, occupying 850,000 square feet across 15 floors.


Standing 985-feet tall, the building will divided into three distinct sections stacked one atop the other.

The glassy facade of the building will be framed by white stone cladding, and the gaps between each of the three distinct sections will act as outdoor terraces.

The design team has also planned what it’s calling a “halo” to be located atop the building (let’s wait for more renderings to see how that one actually pans out).

Some of the tenants in the building will also have access to private sky lobbies, valet parking, and a drop off in a porte-cochère. The interiors are comprised of column-free floors that span at least 50,000 square-feet, and each floor can accommodate at least 500 people.


As an office tower, I like it.


I like it… a simple, clean, handsome, and sophisticated supertall that’s not screaming for attention! :slight_smile:


I actually like it, because I like fat towers. We have a lot of skinny towers going up and this will help create balance.

Chicago, LA, San Fran, Miami, and London would be going nuts over a brand new 985-foot, 2.9 million square footer.


My only wish is that there were more stone showing in the facade, but it’s a nice handsome tower!


Aerial Shots of 50 HY site


I’ve lost interest in 50 HY. I predicted that Foster would not deliver.


A copy-and-paste of his 2 WTC design would’ve been awesome though! I can live with this design, at least it doesn’t try to steal the spotlight from 30HY.


if this were to rise in the heart of midtown, I might have praised the design. Instead, i’ll say this makes BIG’s Spiral look attractive. Its too boxy, though I guess there weren’t many options with the mass of sqaurefootage. Still, I would have preferred either of the placeholders to this.
I’ll give it this: it might look nice next to 55 Hudson Yards, the white stone contrasting with the black cladding. Both have the square cladding thing going on.

high resolution:


The podiums

(Spiral, 50 HY, 30 HY, 20 HY/Retail)


Render anyone?? :grinning:





I must admit, I like that!

Hudson Yards already has its gems, 10, 15, 30 and 35 HY which are all iconic in their own way with the Vessel to top it off as a centre piece. However something more grounded was needed here I feel, something more akin to 55HY of which this will compliment tremendously forming a bookmark for a future super-dense canyon down Hudson Boulevard. Scraping supertall status at 985ft / 300m will enhance that effect.

I have no concerns about this design, it’s solid, sleek, classy with strong sharp lines, whilst still containing the classic Fosters look with the pearl white pilasters framing the large glass panels.

This tower gives the impression that it is designed as a modern interpretation of New Yorks 50s-70s era such as One Liberty Plaza, forming inspiration in a contemporary manor.


This tower is horrible looking. Nothing exciting…the entrance and podium are also unattractive :mask:


Foster sucks. He had the second worst proposal for 425 Park, and all of his NY residential towers are lame.