NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 985 FT | 58 FLOORS


According to this article, 50 HY will be 1,068’. We should have an announcement from BR soon.

The article has great renderings of 15 and 35.


Foster will design this 2.8m sf tower. It will be a “very unique glass and stone” tower.


Was it officially announced it’s going to Foster???


According to Ross. He said that 1m sf has been committed!


Awesome news! BlackRock should be announced soon then.

And Foster typically does excellent work.

I’m also excited about the height. 1,068’ is great. Salesforce is the new crown jewel of the SF skyline and it’s 1,070’.


I agree re: BR.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed with Foster. He’s hit or miss.


That’s exciting! Cheers.

Glass and Stone? Sounds like it could be something along the lines of this below material wise?

What you think?


Actually, since it’s going to Foster, it’s going to be much different.


Norm hits grand slams or duds. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Ross also mentions demo starting early 2017 ( for mcdonalds and old coach)

Very good find on the video!


That’s an older overview of the site, right?


Yes. Thanks the twin tower approach. 2.8m sf is a lot. Maybe Norm will design two 1.2m sf towers on a 400k retail podium.


he should just cut and paste his 2 WTC design, lol.

Build old WTC here and go with Ingels downtown.


Am I the only one who prefers a single tower design?

Anyone aware if this plot is only zoned commercial?

I’d prefer to see a 35 story, 1.3 msf lower portion for Blackrock and have the core continue as a residential/hotel tower above. The tower portion could be offset to the 34th street side and wouldn’t block so many of 30’s views because the upper portion would be narrow.

I’m imagining a 30 park place on top of the Equitable building. Such a building would be about 1500 feet tall without any crown.


Butt this tower is only going to be 1,068’.


Good news.


I hope so. Foster often fails to deliver. His new UN Plaza and 610 Lex condo towers are nice but not great. Same with Comcast in Philly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


I know the height will barely break 1000ft, was daydreaming. We’ll likely end up with a modern 55 water street and a decent facade.


I hope not.


Nooooo! Not 55 Water Street? lol.


Think it depends on the developer. $$$