NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 985 FT | 58 FLOORS


That would be cool. A twin like development.


I agree, Chris.


I’d like to see Pfizer anchor 3 Hudson Blvd.


I think that this tower will have to be tapered at the top, rather than being a box like the Spiral, as I doubt that Related will block the top floor views from 30 HY.


On Nov 11th, the building models were removed from the little tenement adjacent to McD’s on 33rd and 10th which suggests to me that Related is preparing for demo !!

P.S.: After posting this, I checked the DOB’s website, and demo permits were indeed filed for the McD on Nov 3rd!!! They were filed for the little tenement with the models (413 Tenth Ave) on Nov 4th!!!

Related also filed permits to demolish Coach’s old HQ on 34th St on Nov 4th!!!

All of this suggests to me that the deal with BR is signed, sealed, and delivered, lads!




Since BR will announce its decision in Nov., renderings likely will be released when they announce.


Welcome to the forum, Albert!


i spotted a new height figure on a PDF from the Hudson Yards website which seems accurate to the latest model we’ve seen. 985’, just barely a supertall.


I’d be happy with that. I just hope that the design is good.


This image from the NYT in Sep 2016 is consistent with Related’s most recent site map, which shows box within a box. This would really suck!!!


pictures of this model have been floating around, it looks tall enough to be 985’ and massive enough to hold 2.9m sqft. The sales office also seems to have a new rendering in the background with a large tower hiding behind 30 Hudson.

source: @archtober


50 HY has been listed as having around 2.1m sf for a very long time. I wonder where it suddenly got the extra 800k sf from.


Also, 50 HY is now listed as having 300k more st than 30 HY (I.e., 2.9m sf versus 2.6m sf), despite being 300’ shorter.

This doesn’t make sense. To have that much sf in a roughly 1,000’ tower, 50 HY would basically have to be a full-block rectangular box like the Spiral. That shape would completely block the views of 30HY.


I don’t think Related is so concerned over blocking office views as they are with blocking the common space and observatory views.


I think that they promised entities to whom they sold condo space in 30 HY that the views would be preserved. Every model to date has largely preserved the views.


that would make sense


I guess we"lll see the design soon enough.


Yea, I hope something nicer than this will rise. Seems like BR is definitely the new anchor here. Definitely we will know soon enough when the announcement has been made public.

Good news with the demo permits.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a decent design, VG.