NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 985 FT | 58 FLOORS





$3.9 billion for a tower that’s not architecturally impressive nor is it a record holder in height. Waste of money and opportunity.


I agree, NYC, but to add insult to injury, it’s $4b!!! That’s crazy.


4 billion dollars for this hot mess???

Thats what you can call a colossal waste of time and money.


I’m surprised its more than 1 WTC. I can get why that was expensive, given the engineering and safety precautions implemented into it, but 50 HY at 4 Billion, jeez. And is not even that stellar either for the price.


Wow! $4 B price tag is shocking!

We can build TWO plus left overs of the Burj Khalifa for that price.

Seriously, it’s shocking that borderline supertall will be more expensive than 1 WTC as the most expensive building.


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They took the coach sign down, but lights on inside. I hope they demo soon.


I can’t get any enthusiasm for the crappy new tower. Foster sucks.


Here’s a really solid kick in the balls:

The HY website has a new interactive feature, and for 50 HY, they show the old design with multiple setbacks, as opposed to Foster’s lame box.

This “design” absolutely sucks!!! Foster is becoming the new Vinoly (at least for NY).


a box was coming, they need to be more frugal on this one


The original wedding cake design is a box too, but with eight setbacks instead of Foster’s single set back. How much more could that have cost?


Probably not much it seems more like Related wanted to get the most Sq.Ft. of of this for minimal investment.


But given that those steps were not huge, they would not have consumed much SF. This site is enormous.

Foster degraded a nice design.


It sucks that MS is not considering 2 WTC.

It would further suck if Foster’s crappy box steals an anchor for a new tower.

I can’t stand Foster. His bland box sucks.



Looks like some steps toward demo.

Rat poison signs are up, workers are clearing out the light junk and throwing it into dumpsters and the doors are closed and no more coach employees here presumably. I hope that excavator is there to tear down that mcdonalds finally.


The McDonald’s was full of rats?

Why am I not surprised?


Damn, so that wasn’t a dark chicken nugget that I was eating? :biohazard:


I feel bad for the rats and their clogged arteries.