NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 985 FT | 58 FLOORS



Hey Thomas,

I really enjoy your work. Is there any chance you can make a video on how you do it and upload it on here ? Would
be amazing to see. Don’t really understand the process. Thanks.


That’s why I take them with a grain of salt. Especially when they say “exclusive”.



you guys are all missing the point! As seen in Thomas K’s last render the main purpose of this tower is to complete obscure the awful Penn Plaza building (is it 5 Penn?).


The tall black tower? That’s 1 Penn. Unless you mean another.

This is 5


I can’t stand Foster’s uninspired design. The guy sucks quite frankly.

In any event, it will be nice to lose this heinous garbage, albeit with an utterly colossal waste of an opportunity to build a landmark.


throws me off because it has a 5 on it


by the way, related officially locked up black rock. this tower is a go.


I lost interest in this project. Foster sucks.


Highest quality photos.
Is that marble I see?


This tower sucks.

What a wasted opportunity.

I can’t stand Foster.


In the articles that originally revealed the design they refer to it as, “outlined with white stone cladding” So yea it’s most likely marble.


So you don’t like the Hearst Tower, 425 Park or his 2 WTC design? I don’t know about you but I wasn’t expecting anything too extravagant considering they probably don’t want the spotlight being taken away from 30 Hudson Yards. But as the design for 50, it’s relatively decent, obviously not Foster’s best work but it fits well within the context of its surroundings and the cladding will most likely be top-notch. But to say Foster sucks is a bold statement considering he is one of the most acclaimed architects in the world and a lot of his work speaks for that, especially the Gherkin in London.


The Gkerkin is real garbage.
Foster’s masterpiece is the HSBC tower is Honk Kong.
For sure,his glory days are long gone…
Yes,Foster sucks,while 50 HY makes the job imo…


The Foster design that I love is a masterpiece, but unfortunately we may never see it rise in Lower Manhattan.


This is the only tower that I don’t like by F+P


There’s an awful lot of rushing to judgment here. It certainly is possible that 50 will end up being a boring or even bad building. But I always am reluctant to make a final decision from mockups, stylized pictures, and partially constructed projects. We may end up surprised once the structure is in place, all the ground around it is finished, and other buildings nearby are finished enough to create a context. For the moment I’ll just watch and let my feelings mature.


Not only is this tower the epitome of mediocrity, but it will essentially kill the chance of any new major office towers being built for a long time.

Of its 3m sf, 2m sf of unleased space will be added to the market.

1 Vanderbilt will add 1.4m sf of unleased space.

3 WTC still has around 2m unleased space,

1 MW will add about 1 m sf,

425 Park will add about 500k sf, etc.

Thus, there will be about 7m sf of new, unleased space on the market, and it will be next to impossible to finance a new 1.5m sf+ tower unless some entity leases at least 1msf. As we know, there are very few players in that league.

The only office construction that will continue after Foster’s monument to mediocrity are small boutique buildings like the ones around the High Line that tech companies like.

I truly dislike everything about this tower.


Related’s $4B tower at 50 Hudson Yards will be NYC’s most expensive office project

The Related Companies’ 50 Hudson Yards is expected to be the most expensive office building ever constructed in the city, with an all-in price tag of nearly $4 billion.

Related and its partner Oxford Properties Group peg the all-in development cost (including land acquisition, construction and soft-expenses) for the 2.8 million-square-foot tower at $3.94 billion, the partners disclosed in an application with the New York City Industrial Development Agency.
Related is seeking permission to make fixed payments in lieu of property taxes that can fluctuate from year to year, and to forego paying the mortgage recording tax on the property – forms of assistance the IDA has offered since 2006 to encourage development in the Hudson Yards area. It’s not clear how much they would pay under such an arrangement.
A representative for Related declined to comment.

The nearly $4 billion price tag works out to about $1,407 per square foot for the Foster + Partners-designed tower (this figure is based on the 2.8 million square feet Related filed on forms with the IDA; the developer has said the project is 2.9 million square feet gross). The $1,407 per square foot cost is not far off from the $1,230 per square foot Tishman Speyer calculated it would cost to develop the $3.2 billion “Spiral,” which is being built across the street. As of now, One World Trade Center is the most expensive office building in the country with a cost of about $3.8 billion.

Related is still looking to lock down a $2.56 billion construction loan for 50 Hudson Yards, which the developer announced last month will be anchored by financial firm BlackRock.