NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 1,011 FT | 58 FLOORS


Looks like some clunky, indistinguishable 60’s office tower.


I don’t remember seeing this


Did it get downgraded to 250 ft? :rofl:


I think you see that because of the perspective of the render, it’s a really wide angle. And this looks to be the original 985 foot design


I’d love to see this POS shrink.


Hot take; I dont mind this tower.


It maybe boxy and flat top but its definitely not the worst looking building going up in NYC imo. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised when this is done.


I think the materials will be very high quality and personally I enjoy the vibe I get from the renderings. Neo-international style?


I dont hate it like many do. I actually am quite fond of it, but Id love to see a modern ornamented tower go up in Hudson Yards soon.


This is an utterly wasted opportunity. I’m sure the materials will be amazing, but the tower sucks.


I think it looks okay but is unfit for being in a field of triangular sloped towers and curvy towers. I have no reason to like it but I kind of do for some reason.



nice. This might be at street level by the time 30 HY finishes up.


They are rising up quick now. Shouldn’t be long until they are above ground.


awesome update!


I can’t get excited about this building.


Come on, ol pal!

It’s a 1,000 foot tower! We only had 2 of those for quite a few years after 9/11.


And now we have 17 towers over 1,000 feet built and u/c. 26 total including proposed and on hold. Only 4 were built between 9/11 and when One World Trade was completed.



Just in NYC alone? Or across the world?