NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 1,011 FT | 58 FLOORS


I always loved that. This one sucks.



Very soporific. When I can’t sleep, I’ll count 50 HYs instead of sheep.


I learned a new word today. Thanks.


This tower sucks.


This and Manhattan West are utterly wasted opportunities. Then again, American office towers usually suck, so we’re very lucky with 10 HY, 30 HY, and One Vandy. Also, I think that JPMC will be orgasmic.


The JP Morgan tower is a bit of hope for me as well, but if it’s a 1500 foot box like 432 is then I will drink only from the Hudson River for the rest of my life


helpful hint just in case: go north of the GWB, less salty.


I don’t think it will be.

Anyway, I really like 432 Park. I wouldn’t want every new tower to have that design, but I like 432 a lot.


I like it too, I just hope that towers that follow don’t take after it too much as you said.


I think I mentioned it earlier in this thread, but I like this for the same reason as 432. It’s like a “f you im a giant box, deal with it.”


It will be a long time before new office towers rise here. Between 50 HY and the Spiral, there will be about 4m sf of new, available space.


I think this will be nice, but for every dud here at HY, we’ve got great ones as well (30, 35, 15).


Foster seems to rehash 1970s designs for most of his NYC designs.


He’s terrible




I didn’t know Manhattan was on Mars :smile:


Reminds me of the 1997 classic “Volcano.”



This render makes 30 HY look like 700 feet and 50 HY 600 feet:)