NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 1,011 FT | 58 FLOORS


a very understated and elegant tower




How much of the old Coach building is left?


Not much left of the old Coach now. Just a few floors to go.







Nice shots, JC and 5b


Cheers RW


I passed by Friday night and I was shocked. I haven’t been in the area for over 3 months. Then I saw the old coach building was fully demolished and the garage across the street vanished. I was like “wow.” Can’t wait for the area to be fully transformed.




Nice shot. The dust blowing from this site earlier was insane. I guess it was too cold to wet it.


Ha! Thought about that. I was covered in it. I’m sure that was removed beforehand.








Those of you that hated this tower… Damn that’s a beautiful facade.


What a nice counterbalance to all the glass already on site.


Randomly saw your comment from last year while checking original renders against this new darker stone. Looks like you got your wish!

It looks very good!


The best thing about this tower is that it has almost 2m sf of available space, as does The Spiral. Thus, Between these two towers there will be almost 4m sf of available space in brand new towers constructed by professional developers. The beauty of that is that it kills any chance for Moinian’s lame tower to rise.