NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 1,011 FT | 58 FLOORS


I hate this tower.


Related nearing deal for $2.5B financing package at 50 Hudson Yards: sources

Project set to be city’s most expensive office tower; loan could be largest of its kind

Related Companies, which is developing what’s slated to be New York’s most expensive office building at 50 Hudson Yards, is in advanced talks to secure a $2.5 billion financing package for the property, The Real Deal has learned.

The financing would include a roughly $700 million equity injection and a $1.8 billion senior loan from a syndicate of banks, sources familiar with the discussions said. The loan, if it closes, would be among the largest-ever construction loans for an office tower. (Read more in link)


This tower sucks!!!


Most expensive?


I’m starting to get the sense that you don’t like this design.


It’s not the Salma Hayek of designs!


robert walpole: I know you are a major contributor of great pictures of NYC construction. But this sort of stuff with pictures of women is really out of place here. Let’s stick to the main task of these forums. Thanks.

PS: Was by 91st and Broadway a couple of days ago. Absolutely no change. All the store fronts on the block are occupied and busy. If something is going to happen here it probably will not be very soon.


Thanks for the news about 91st and B’Way, Chused.

I have a weakness for Salma!


We’re all men here :smirk:


Yep. I support Robert.


Maybe women would participate more if the forums gave them more respect.

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Agreed. For certain people checking out this site for the first time, it might reflect poorly on this community. No need to give NIMBYs ammunition to dismiss us.


I support the pics. We follow buildings which take years to build, a SFW(suitable for work) pic of a woman is not hurting anything. If they there are women on here they can post a pic of a hot dude and I would not feel they are disrespecting me.

And their is a relation. Many architects state their designs are inspired by feminine or masculine features.

For the sake of equal opportunity here you go. Ladies welcome.


They should get to choose their own though. :smiling_imp:



Nice pic. What’s the reference to “Tower 3”? Aside from their street addresses, are the towers numbered like the wtc?



A question I asked myself too


30 HY has been marketed as “Manhattan Tower.” So I guess the office towers may be numbered, i.e. 10 HY = Manhattan Tower 1; 30 HY = Manhattan Tower 2; 50 HY = Manhattan Tower 3?


Yeah, but I feel like 30 HY would have to be Manhattan Tower 1 in this scenario.