NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504-522 W 34th) | 1,011 FT | 58 FLOORS


Lol. Actually those signs were on the old coach building!



I hate this POS!!!’

Foster sucks!


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McD is McGone.

I hope that the design for 50 HY is modified because I think it’s as generic as the McD that it replaces. Indeed, the current design McSucks!



It makes me sad to see Robert so disgusted. It is a huge missed opportunity, but they’d be going nuts over this tower in literally any other American city.


Frankly it should be a good sign, that this is such an amazing city that we should expect excellence from all the designs.


This is not a good design by itself, but I do like how it looks when you see it against the rest of the complex. In my eyes it “fills out” the skyline. It does not make an impact of its own but its bulk seems to add something to the rest of the towers. It gives the area a more “dense” feel. It makes it New York and not Dubai.


To be honest, I don’t really care for either 50 HY or 55 HY. At least the glass on 50 HY looks modern, the glass on 55 seems like it came from some 70s USSR construction, much too dark. I can see why people might like it, but I am not really into the retro look of either of these towers. I agree with tokilamockingbrd though that they will add to the overall aesthetic of the area. In that way they are more background for me to the nicer buildings.


And next door at 50 Hudson Yards, asset manager BlackRock last year signed a letter of intent to take 850,000 square feet, while Morgan Stanley is reportedly considering buying an office condo that would take up most of the remaining space at that upcoming tower.


This building sucks. I wish that Morgan anchored 2 WTC. Larry needs to jump ship and let someone else handle that tower.


I read that Mitzo Bank is looking to move some workers but they are sticking to 6th Avenue unfortunately.

Yeah Morgan was what I was hoping for. I think blackrock would of been a long shot for 2 WTC, but it was close.

Bloody Fox though. Probably would of seen this rise had they not backed out. At this point, Ingels or Foster, I just want 2 WTC to be complete.


Since Newscop extended its lease only through 2025, hopefully, it will still anchor a new tower. If it were committed to its current location, it would have extended for 20 years.


I like this building. I feel like I am in the minority here on this, but I have always loved the GE building and Seagrams. This too me is like those 2 on steroids. It is in the back row so the main effect from the Hudson will be to magnify the density of the entire project, from the other side it will blend in with 1 MW and others.

IMO The Spirals is the stupid design. It tries to be clever but comes off as contrived. This tower does not try to be clever and if well executed could bolster the impact of the area.




The top looks different. I guess Foster is trying to make this building more ugly. But don’t get me wrong, F+P did make some great towers





What a wasted opportunity. Foster is a schlong!