NEW YORK | 45 Park Place | 665 FT | 43 FLOORS


If I had to list the eyesores in this part of the city that need to disappear, 100 church is up there with 2 Broadway, 250 Broadway and 20 Broad st. They’re all disgusting.


SORRY, off topic and no answer needed if you prefer to keep private. I am wondering if you are the same BPC that was one of my favorite members when I was a moderator for the Wired New York forum. Zippy the chimp and you both lived in the same vicinity: hence your tag initials.


I think the glass panels art rather typical: nothing special here in either design, or quality of materials. Nice, but not great…

I am trying to think of an example where there is a really substantial, high quality, glass panel facade as a comparison: not sure - but I know I have seen one somewhere. Will post when/if I can find an example.


Nah, sorry dude…
I do live in BPC though hence the username


Thank you for the reply.