NEW YORK | 45 Park Place | 665 FT | 43 FLOORS





Manhattan, New York by Quench Your Eyes, on Flickr




45 Park Place by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

45 Park Place by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

45 Park Place by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr









That garbage on Church is horrible.


45 Park Place is NOT in Tribeca. The sales office was put on Leonard Street, which is definitely in Tribeca and a good distance away from the actual building, a a cheap marketing gimmick.

If you go by the general rule of thumb that the southern border of Tribeca is variously Chambers, Murray, or Vesey, then in only one of these three scenarios does 45 Park Place barely fall within the boundaries of Tribeca.

But more importantly, Tribeca has a distinctive look and feel to it stemming in large part from its storied industrial past. Just walking around Tribeca and then past 45 Park Place shows Sharif el-Gamal is low-class and an outsider. I actually feel sorry for a developer whenever I see this kind of pitiful ploy used.


I think one issue for these developers is that it isn’t clear what to call it. FiDi brings to mind more of the Wall St area, and it certainly won’t sell to advertise it as the ‘world trade center district’, so they choose Tribeca. That area’s really just ‘lower manhattan’


That’s a good point. And they can’t just make up a name themselves to describe this nebulous area where Tribeca, Battery Park City, and FiDi intersect. I wonder what an appealing name for this three corners area would be?


Looks like they are starting the cantilever.



A few days ago. Seen from Brookfield.