NEW YORK | 45 Broad St | 1,200 FT | 68 FLOORS


Great article by YIMBY!


This really is the Steinway Tower of Lower Manhattan. The design is much improved from when we saw the initial design!


Not to boast, but when you think about it, we have 4 landmark, design of the year worthy towers rising. 9 Dekalb, 45 Broad, 111 W.57th, and Verre. So much epicness that if I had to choose a favorite, it’s a time consuming decision.

I do predict an demand in maxillofacial surgeons in the city, due to all the jaws that will have to be repaired after violently smashing against the ground in a stupor of excitement and awe.


It’s really fantastic that when referring to NYC’s world famous architecture, There will be 4 new towers to speak of and write about.


This past Thursday there was an excavator on site.




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Downtown is getting two golden towers. William Street and this.


Stunning, this tower will be sooooo prominent on the downtown skyline I wonder what people are going to start calling it?


People will probably call it the tower of Mordor: Base of operations for the dark lord Sauron.

that’s just my guess though…


This one does look stunning. It looks like 111 W. 57’s design has taught architects that there are other colors beside various shades of darkness that work for trim and mullions. What a relief!


I think that title is left to Flatbush


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Its time this moves from the “proposed” column over to the “under construction” column. Does anyone know when they’ll start digging?
Lower Manhattan (the birthplace of NYC) urgently needs some more 1000 footers.


I think they have started digging. It’s definitely an active construction site now.


Okay, they have technically started digging.

Mostly they’ve just set up the larger perimeter, rerouted sidewalk, and dedicated vehicle security lane.



Nice shots, Bromeister!


Nice, thanks for the great updates!