NEW YORK | 45 Broad St | 1,200 FT | 68 FLOORS



Oooooh, Robert!!! You had modernized your profile pic!!! Caliente!!!


Ines Sainz!


Getting ready to join the old guys downtown!






Great find!!


La Revolucion is beginning! This, and 9 Dekalb! :wink:


Appears to be more signage on the fencing.




3 months later and we’re still waiting for a true groundbreaking. Hopefully its imminent


I’ll go to wal-mart right now, buy a $5 shovel, and start the excavation process myself.


I’m with you


Still no action yet


Hard to believe what will eventually rise on this tiny plot of the jungle



Something’s happening…tough block to build on.



Workers going in and out this morning. There’s a truck parked in the lot and also a truck parked in the area that Tectonic pictured above.


Thanks for the info Tec and Greg!!

It seems this is finally moving, and boy am I happy!!




After 45 Broad starts, if nothing new were to break ground in NY for the next 10 years, I’d totally be a happy camper (an ecstatic one, really)… Absolutely amazing all the significant projects, both large and small, this boom has given us.


I bet the construction of this tower, like 1 Vanderbilt, will be covered extensively. The location is too insane for people not to take notice.
1 Vanderbilt is in the heart of midtown next to GCT, this is right near NYSE.