NEW YORK | 45 Broad St | 1,200 FT | 68 FLOORS


I think this one should be starting soon. I recall sources mentioning fall construction start.


I walked by on 10/6, and nothing was happening. As per Pizzarotti, however, it should start soon.



Tractor on site




Great update, Brooklyn.


Was re-reading some of the older posts (1st couple of ones), and boy, did we get lucky with the design. Imagine what it could of been. :poop:

Compared to this:


I agree, Chris


Dear god @chris08876 you gave me a gag reflex when you reminded me of that horrid massing. Truly is the death of architecture. :mask:


I think any kid with a bucket of legos would agree that that old massing is hideous


slightly clearer rendering from an EB-5 website

according to this website, work was supposed to begin last October and end in 2019.


It looks great!


I desperately want this and 9 Dekalb to start!


Me too!


Jan 17


Hoping this starts soon. I’d like to see this rise at the same time as 9 Dekalb.


Nothing yet… From today


This article was posted on Pizzarotti’s website on 2-16_17.

Filed with the DOB on 3_16_17:


feel we are close to seeing some movement with this one.


I agree, Atticus