NEW YORK | 45 Broad St | 1,200 FT | 68 FLOORS


Nice. It looks like the cladding on this would be pretty interesting. You would think SHoP is designing this.


I agree, VG.


Uhhh, none of you guys think this thing looks incredibly weird?


on the contrary, I think it will fit right in with the likes of 50 West Street and 111 Murray. The only weird thing about it is the cantilever.


The cantilever is pretty hard to overlook! It’s very top-heavy and kind of… “bulbous” is the only word I can think of. But maybe it’s just that awkward angle from below; the wider aerial shot makes it seem less extreme.

There’s also a lot going on with the cladding. The transition from narrow, pinstripe-y window fenestrations up top to the wider ones below makes the whole thing look busy. And I’m generally skeptical of gold/bronze (based on the cladding demos, Steinway pulls it off beautifully, but I’d say that’s an exception to the rules of tackiness.)

You’re right though that the crown fits right in with 50 West and 111 Murray, and I can see this being a solid addition. I just have very high standards for the downtown skyline – there are far fewer development opportunities compared to Midtown so every new tower, especially a supertall, has to punch above its weight in terms of design. Anyway, my hesitations about this building might just be a matter of seeing more renders from better angles, so hopefully we’ll get some soon.


Also the latest renders are pretty low quality and the second has a weird glare. I feel like we can get a better picture when other renders come out. Plus the design might change till then.


I agree. Let’s see the renders when they’ll arrive with better qualities and if its design will change as well.


Build away, lads! There’s massive demand for these units.


No activity on May 13th.


I love the vaginal-like fold on the west facade.

Also, it looks like the crown slopes downward from west to east.


though its nowhere near as vaginal as the design of the tower at 252 E 57th :wink:


I agree with you, Yim!


I like how there are so many colors and facade patterns/grids in that part of the lower Manhattan skyline. Really adds more character and kind of reflects that time in history when that part of lower Manhattan had the tallest skyscrapers during the 1920s.


I’m kinda glad Lower is seeing a resurgence in supertalls. There’s also 80 South at 1436 ft that will really add a dynamic to the Eastern flank.

I still think Lower sports the best skyline out of the many skyline nodes. While nowhere near as big as Midtown, aesthetically, I think it looks the best. There is a nice balance of height and bulk. Nothing to out of place. Plus it has the history to back it up. Its a timemachine back to the early 19th/20th Century. An interwoven collection of architectural history spanning 2 centuries where one can meet present and past all in the span of a simple block.

The same with Midtown to some degree, but not as chaotic in a sense.


I leveled the photo


Supertall Slated for 45 Broad Street One Step Closer to Reality

The Financial District tower will be the sixth tallest in NYC when its completed


Architect = Cetra Ruddy
Height = 1,115 FT
Floors = 66




That’s good news for this new tower in Financial District of Manhattan!
Just imagine its high views from that spot!


Happy news guys. Downtown should always have the pointiest of towers imo.


June 3rd
Filed on June 2, 2016:

However, still Waiting for Godot on June 3rd!

This beautiful area awaits its new addition!