NEW YORK | 45 Broad St | 1,200 FT | 68 FLOORS


Oooh is it me or does it seem like piling is starting?



Lord Jesus Yes!



That’s a great GIF!!!


Gif almost as great as the building ^^^ :hugs:



looks like a great place for a gym or a lounge,




Nice !!!


Very dramatic space and very dramatic looking building. A good counterbalance to the bland 125 Greenwich.


Good to see some action on this. A cement pour is always good news.


I think that 125 Greenwich will surprise people.



Holy shit. How much dark selfishness has to be in your heart to argue against making your subway station accessible to the disabled?

These “security concerns” are insane.

The MTA over-engineers everything. This will no doubt be built with safety glass and way too much steel. I’ve watched them build the new elevator at 30 Park Place. You’d think they were an above-ground bomb shelter. It’s certainly taken them long enough. A bomb would barely scratch a new MTA elevator, and this one will probably be built to even higher standards.

This will be a tempting place for a bomber to enter/exit?! How can anyone say that with a straight face? What about the stairs that are already there, and don’t trap the perp in a box for a minute? I mean… come. on.


From that article… I don’t think we’ve seen that center picture of the base yet.


It is hard to get a good shot in to the site but I got this today. At least you can see how massive that rebar is sticking out.


wow… already rebar!!



Gotta hurry these days. Lol