NEW YORK | 44 Union Square | 84 FT | 6 FLOORS


BKSK Architects

44 Union Square

44 Union Square

BKSK Architects

BKSK Architects




Nice, but I will not be content until that heinous tenement just south of this is razed.


Reminds me of the one on the NW corner of 23rd and 6th.




I’m such a fan of this project.


I agree. That’s heinous too.


Does anyone know if this disgusting eyesore is a rental or co-op? It utterly detracts from Union Square. A Stern condo on this site would be stunning.


It’s rental so I’m sure they’ve had offers. Built in 1963.


I thought it was. It must have a lot of rent-controlled tenants who are impossible to evict.

A 20 story limestone tower by Stern in that otherwise beautful location would be an absolute blockbuster.

The only other missing tooth in Union Square is that horrible McD’s on the northwest side of the Square.


I am pretty sure it will happen eventually,
This is too good of a location for nothing to be built there.
Don’t expect it to be in the near future though.