NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS


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Macklowe/CIM have made a ton of money on 432. Given Macklowe’s very low land costs, they don’t even need to sell another unit. Don’t worry about them.



Hey it does seem like a few more lights on than usual hahaha
Isn’t saying much but there you go



Great shots Thomas. Does 432 Park illuminate the crown with the alternating lights as shown every night? This is a crop of Thomas Koloski’s pic:


Interesting - haven’t noticed that before


Yes, it’s supposed to mimic those floors having people in it. I didn’t think it changed each night, I may be wrong.

It does however, look kinda silly since a lot of those apartments are empty or don’t have their lights on at night lol.




I must admit 432 Park is starting to growing on me. Its so dominant on the skyline that when it was completed I really didn’t know what to make of it. Its very basic in appearance yet just too tall to ignore. As the taller buildings on 57th near completion I think I’ll truly appreciate 432 Park…


Saw this on the NYC subreddit. This building is so polarizing on there. But at least it’s obviously iconic enough that someone would make a costume of it.


I was just reading this! It’s true, they hate it on there. I’m personally in the middle. I totally respect it for pushing the boundaries in terms of height/width ratio and adding to the overall public discussion on skyscrapers. Also, it’s kinda grown on me. But I understand when people say it’s a boring looking tower


some call it ‘the middle finger’


Hey, we have one of those!


I think we all should recognize how terribly hard it is to design a very tall building. The proper proportions given zoning and plot size are much more challenging than with smallish buildings where the whole thing can be encompassed from a street view. And it seems to me these sorts of problems are right up front right now in the city. Hudson Yards may be a nice addition to the city as a whole but the architecture is a mixed bag. The shapes of 10 and 30 miss the boat for me—heavy and ponderous with no sensible top. 15 and 35 are pretty good. They use their height to advantage with pleasing shapes and nice conclusions at the top. They seem completed in a way that 10 and 30 do not. Even 55 is not terrible. I like the color shift and the window framing is not boring at all—much better than its neighbors to the east. I’ll wait and see about 50. I rarely come to any conclusions about a building until I see it. The bag is similarly mixed for me elsewhere. 1WTC is not a good building for me. Again the proportions don’t work. It looks like a truncated tent peg that caught a weed when it was pulled out of the ground. 432 Park, given the competition, works for me. The boxy thing is ok. And the window framing creates an elegant look. I think it proves that classical forms can still be used to make a big building work. Maybe it brings us back to classical looks after Mies’ Seagram Building was so badly emulated in midtown’s dozens of ugly glass boxes. Ok folks. I’ve said my piece. Have st it!



Old, but interesting


I have a real love/hate relationship with this building.