NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS



some kind of netting on the second break down.


I still can’t decide whether I like this building or not :laughing:


Walking south on park avenue, this is a building every tourist points at and takes a pic of. It sticks out in my opinion very elegantly from the other nearby buildings.

One thing I will say though which I think was brought up previously is that the exterior is already getting dirty. You can notice it up close and makes me wonder what it will look like 15-20 years from now.


It’s amazing in person.


They have a rig for the windows so I assume they can power wash the concrete as well


This month’s Harper’s:

"New York’s great buildings used to be chockablock with beacons, crowns, ornamentation, friezes, and statues, pointing the way to the future. We did not always like what they were selling, but they made a public argument; for example, the Chrysler Building, with its brilliant Art Deco diadem and silver hood-ornament gargoyles; the Woolworth Building “cathedral of commerce,” with its terra-cotta tiling, glittering mosaic and stained glass, and magnificent carvings; Grand Central Terminal, with its paeans to the history of transportation, celestial map, and statue of a glowering Vanderbilt; even the wonderfully gaudy, gold-frosted American Radiator Building, intriguing enough to become a major painting by Georgia O’Keeffe.

By contrast, Rafael Viñoly’s new supertall 1,396-foot-high residential tower at 432 Park Avenue, which is taller than the Empire State Building (excluding its antenna-cum-zeppelin mooring) and now dominates the Manhattan skyline from many viewpoints, was inspired by . . . a designer trash can, according to its architect. It comes from nothing and nowhere, just an extension of an empty, overpriced receptacle, and it means every bit as much to the people and the city that it lords itself over."


Idiotic article written by old person yelling at cloud, but fantastic pic.


What will this dude think when Nordstrom grows to be the other bookend to 432 Park? Poor guy hehe.




The original one taking it for the team (what is this giant stick?!).



^I just realized: 432 is compared to a matchstick, so this picture is perfect


This building, while visually impressive, has not been a commercial success. Developer Macklowe Properties eventually brought on the relatively unknown CIM Group after getting badly burned in the financial crisis. Sales remained sluggish for a prolonged period after the building topped out. In addition, a majority of buyers were reportedly foreigners from the obvious gaggle of countries who spend perhaps a couple of months a year at the building, leaving 432 seeming like a sad, lonely place that wealthy foreigners use to stash their ill-gotten gains. A well-designed building that for a variety of reasons was not and still is not a financial winner.


I’d argue that most people don’t consider it well-designed, exterior or interior, which is why it’s not a financial winner. Just look at that Harpers article I posted. 432 is the posterchild of rootless excess destroying NYC. Not a great place to park your money. If I were an oligarch I’d buy up RAMSA apartments.


I’m not sure RAMSA is where I’d want to live although 15 CPW has certainly proven to be financially profitable for just about everyone involved. The problem with RAMSA and especially 15 CPW is absolutely everything is over the top that it comes across as almost tacky as odd as that might sound. I also do care who my neighbors are and RAMSA buildings tend to attract people I’d rather not be around.


Well, 30 Park Place beautifully blends into downtown. It is elegant, not tacky. Interiors same.Sorry but bald criticism of R.A.M. Stern always sounds like it can’t be backed up by the haters.


In my case though I can back up what I say. 15 CPW is the epitome of excess. I’d recommend you read what the AIA Guide to NYC Architecture has to say about the building and the comparison it draws to The Century located just next door.


I remember one of the salient complaints were that the bathrooms and the lobby in 15CPW were too big. Or at least too big to be ‘genuine.’ Another complaint was that details are exaggerated, but that’s how details are visible on a modern-scale tower. It’s as if RAMSA actually knew what they were doing and catering to modern tastes.

The AIA Guide is not an authority. They’re the opinions of people deep in the architectural academy, which has serious blind spots and biases. In any case, the wisdom and the tastes of the market decide what’s a better investment.


Colrain and anikinra—You may both be right. 15 CPW and 432 Park to me are both prime examples of excess and what a small very wealthy segment of the market wanted. That doesn’t make either of them good works of architecture. They are not terrible and probably better than many lousy other new buildings in Manhattan. Are they great? Probably not. But that will be tested in the coming years as both expert and public opinions about them mature.