NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS


Pic by me. Taken 6/23/17.




This is a great tower. It presently dominates the Midtown skyline from the east and north.


Not for long though. From the north at least.


I agree.



Photocred: @bklyn_block on Instagram

I think she definitely looks best when the fog is out. Really emphasizes just how dang tall this one is.



Sunrise in the CITY OF GOLD




In the clouds this morning, as viewed from our hotel room:


Great shot!


I don’t think i’ve ever seen 432 park catching sunlight like this before, neat.

Big Apple Skyline near Dusk - IMG_20180120_065728 by Ed Mshnaya__Thank_you_all☺, on Flickr


Its like a beacon of a the supertalls to come


New York City by Josh Cox, on Flickr


2018-03-FL-178743 by ACME, on Flickr


This tower is beautiful!

Boneheads on other forums who knock it, despite never having seen it in person, are ridiculous.


Honestly, im just gonna say it…

432 is my favorite skyscraper in NYC. I know there are some amazing ones like all of Hudson Yards and 1 WTC is pretty neat, but in my opinion, 432 is just something to marvel at. It’s so tall and thin and it leaves me aw inspired.

Seeing it in person makes it seem all the more beautiful. It’s so tall and you can see it anywhere. It’s a fantastic tower to have in a fantastic city.


I like it a lot as well. We can see it from the windows of our apartment. At night it is especially stunning with the lit up utility/air-flow floors. I wish One57 would get its lighting up and working. I’m still wondering why one color (green) went on for a night or two a long time ago and then went dark. Odd


Yeah, seems like a waste of money to invest in the lighting system and not use it… but given the area, guess they could afford it.


Taken today: