NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS






I’m really digging this lighting scheme. One57 needs to step its game up!


the lighting scheme has really elevated this building greatly. I’d been on the fence about it (and maybe tending towards a a slightly negative view), but once the orange netting came off and the lighting came on, I really have a much more positive view on it. I think this will only increase when 111W57th, Central Park Tower, One Vandy, and Verre give it some company.


The lighting design is stunning and really grabs your attention wherever you are in the city, I find myself often stopping and admiring it every time I get a glimpse of it, but then again this is my favorite building in nyc now haha


theyre finally taking off the plastic and sand bags off the glass canopy!






This looks great at night.


Mary Calvi is a true MILF!





So many great finds VG! :slight_smile:


Nov 23


yessss all great pictures!


Love the last shot you found, VG!! ^^


Nice shots as always, robertwalpole! ^^


Thx, Dragon


Great shots, Robert!

This building is amazing when viewed from Top of The Rock.

My dad couldn’t get over how tall it was! My response? “It’s the first of many!”


Thanks, Lion.

It’s definitely the first of many.