NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS


Its lit up again! thanks to instagram user @olivierny


Look at that plaza!
Very nice shots, parkaveguy! And I hope the Halloween Party you’ve been was great!


The plaza looks great.


Lights back on tonight. Wonder if the testing period is finally over.




It looks so good, I want them to be done testing to its lit all the time.


The illuminated voids do not disappoint. I like how at different points you can see “into” the building. A little unusual.


great pic from insta user @jisunyi_id

i wish they would just go and light it for good, i cant wait for that to happen.


Very nice!


Pretty good and cool shot!


Can they have gatherings on those floors? I see railings.









Nice perspective on those shots you found Dragon

Taken yesterday from the 7 train


Thanks, JC_Heights!
Nice shot this is you made too!
And I’m glad you liked those shots I’ve found as well! ^^




I walked by the plaza yesturday briefly in the afternoon and again in the evening (took forever to get past the army of security that was surrounding trump tower a block over) but some things I noticed was they added an enter and exit sign for the cars, and they added the name of the building on the marble pedestal, which I firmly believe is supposed to be some sort of fountain, anyways I noticed they had seats and a table over on the public plaza, in the renderings they were gonna do marble benches but I guess they opted for seating similar to bryant park.

Another thing I noticed is that they covered the lower 3 or so floors of windows with additional plastic that wasn’t there before, wonder what they’re doing.

Does anyone know anything about the potential tenants for the retail space? The 57th st side has been laying still without any activity for the longest time and the cube has been empty as well with no activity on the retail side of it.


Great shots, Park Ave Guy!


Holy Towers!
These are great shots for sure! And look how nice its base has gotten!
Good job, parkaveguy! ^^