NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS


Im not quite sure… it could be malfunction or still testing.
And as far as that gap: it may just stay empty.


I think they’re stil testing.


It’s amazing how the utility/air flow floors create architectural interest on a clear day. They make the building much different from a distance than it appears from the street.


I agree.




Nice photo!

I wouldn’t want clones of this, but it’s an amazing tower!




On this day in 1886

Happy 130th birthday, lady liberty!


Happy Birthday, Lady Liberty!!! ^^


Oct 28


Nice shot, robertwalpole! ^^


wow thats a great shot!


Thanks, gents!


Epic Shot, Rob!!!


Thx, Dennis!






that picture would be amazing if the other utility floors were lit too instead of just that second one


I think they’re still just testing the lightning.


took these pictures saturday on my way to a halloween party, sorry some of them are blurry i was kind of in a rush but im glad they put up the other side of shrubs. whats interesting is the renderings of the plaza showed some seating and the real life plaza has no seating around the trees. also is that short marble divider that has the light on it gonna have water running through it? theres a significant gap in the area where the light shines almost as if water is supposed to run through it.