NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS




Great photo, VG!


Amazin picture👍



“Work is wrapping up on the residential entry plaza at 432 Park Avenue, the supertall tower by CIM Group, Macklowe Properties, and @rva_ny. Design of the entry plaza landscaping is by Zion Breen Richardson Associates.”


About time! 1 year late!


retail pavillion



Utility floor lights are back on tonight. I wonder what’s going on with this. In any case, here’s the look at the moment.


It seems they are just testing the lights. Soon enough eventually, they will be permanently on every night.




The lights are still on


The lights are still on, I walked by today and saw them on during the day, very confused?


Also does anyone know what theyre doing with this tiny side portion?


The lights look fantastic.

I anticipate many more towers in the 1,400 foot range will join our friend on the skyline within the next 10-20 years.



Oct 25th

Speaking of nice lighting schemes…


New York City has great potential to replace Paris as THE City of Light!


Good one, Lion!


The lights make this an icon! what a difference!


strange they began turning off the lights around 6:30 starting with the top one and then going down turning them off one by one every 15 minutes or so until they were all off.


Another thing I noticed was all the lights were on all day, I noticed in the morning they were still on as well as the afternoon, you cant tell in the picture too much but theyre on. confusing?

Also does anyone know what this side portion is? it belongs to 432 i just dont know what theyre building! I know I asked earlier but doesnt hurt to ask again.