NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS


Drums are lit!


instagram user @jer_t_bear posted this pic, it seems they have lit up the wind floors, it looks great! I’ll go out later and get a picture myself.



Looking forward to see that pic.


actually tired, long day ill go out tomorrow night with my dslr




instagram user @andrew.hafnor uploaded this pic, its stunning UGHHH


I agree, parkaveguy, it is stunning!! ^^


Yea I was too lazy to step out but decided to check it out by me.

Taken by my trusty iPhone.




Two more–one at about 11 last night and another at about 7 this morning.


I really don’t get the hate that comes with this tower, now that the lights are up, the tower is a simple and gorgeous statment on the skyline.


All a tease. Utility floor lights off last night and tonight.


I agree, Dalton.

I wouldn’t want every new building to look like this, but this 1,400 foot tower looks great.


Oct 10


I’m John Boehner, and I approve this message!!!






Stopped by today, saw they opened up the sidewalk infront of the main building, the retail sidewalk is still closed off, but the plaza is so close to being finished!


I can’t wait to see 1 Vandy, et al in this image!


Photo by our amigo, JC