NEW YORK | 432 Park Ave | 1,397 FT | 85 FLOORS



As RW would say…The CITY!!

View from 70 Pine



Great photo, VG. The City, indeed, sir!


What a view & amazing window(s)!!



So many questions, especially with that lightning shot from a couple weeks back, like will the residents inside the building feel that lightning, will they hear it? And are the wind floors going to be lit up like in the renderings? And for a building that so expensive does it have parking thats available for the owners to buy?


OH MY GODS! that view is worth 100 million dollars!


Damn… you found me!

Damn paparazzi keep taking pics of me standing by my window. :smile:


Corner Unit Shot!!
@david guzman


It seems 432 is starting to have its plaza done, I saw the other day they had like massive shrubbery, I dont know where they are gonna go but its starting to come together nicely.


That’s great!
Nice update!
And I bid you welcome to the Yimby Forums, parkaveguy! ^^


Thanks! Ive been tracking and loving all the new developments, I finally decided to join the forums and update as often as I can considering I am out and about in the city daily.


Welcome to the Group! Awesome posts!!


Thanks a lot for all the updates!



I just hope that they can cut down the tallest tree… with a herring.


So they seem to be almost done with the plaza, they took down all the scaffolding its now just light fences around it. and is it me or does 432 look whiter today?


Oh wait that explains why it looked whiter, they’re restoring the facade already? What could they possibly be restoring they just finished this building. credit to instagram user @nicholsongalloway




In the reflection the lamp looks like it could be an 1,800’ equivalent of the Space Needle

Also I don’t have my contacts in


was this taken down by the ferry terminal in jersey?