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Construction Update: 432 Park Avenue


432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue continues its rapid climb, and the tower continues to climb the ranks of New York City’s tallest buildings; as of today’s update, the core stands 961 feet above street level, while the perimeter forms are 930 feet tall. Those numbers make Vinoly’s building the 8th tallest structure in Manhattan, just shorter than 150 Greenwich Street, and slightly taller than 70 Pine Street.

432 Park Avenue

The building — which CIM and Macklowe are developing — will soon stand 1,397 feet to its pinnacle. While sales have been swift, details on the uppermost penthouse residences have been slow to arrive; Curbed had a recent reveal for a $79.5 million unit that will occupy the entire 92nd floor.

432 Park Avenue

While progress at 432 Park Avenue may slow down imminently — as the tower traverses another set of relatively complicated mechanical floors — the building’s overall rise has been very rapid, and the ‘supertall’ should top-out by the end of 2014, with completion expected by 2015.

432 Park Avenue



Construction Update: 432 Park Avenue Passes the 1,000′ Mark


432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue has continued its rapid ascent, and the Vinoly-designed tower now stands over 1,000 feet tall; as of this week, the building’s core is at the 68th floor, while the perimeter walls are at 66. That puts its height at 1,054′, which is taller than any rooftop north of the Empire State Building.

432 Park Avenue

CIM and Macklowe are developing the building, which has nearly 350 feet to go before topping-out; 432 Park Avenue will eventually total 1,397′, which will put its roof above One World Trade Center’s. Since last month’s update, the structure has risen nearly 100 feet, pushing it above the Midtown plateau.

432 Park Avenue

432 Park’s impact on the skyline is just now becoming obvious, and it dominates the vicinity, topping both Citigroup and Bloomberg Tower by a significant margin. Already visible from parts of New Jersey and Long Island, its prominence will continue to grow, and even One57 will soon look diminutive compared to Vinoly’s vision in concrete.

Traversing the 1,000′ milestone is significant as so few buildings in New York have broken the invisible barrier, though that is about to change. While One57 pierces just above the mark — and was the first residential tower to do so — 432 Park Avenue will shatter it. One year from now, 217 West 57th Street and 111 West 57th Street will also be rising, eventually joining CIM’s supertower at the height of the skyline.

432 Park Avenue

Besides the superstructure’s continued ascent, work has also made headway on the two retail components, which promise to enhance both Park Avenue and 57th Street. 432 Park Avenue will be completed in 2015, and sales have already been impressive; of the remaining units, a penthouse on the 92nd floor is currently listed for $79.5 million

Park Avenue Retail

57th Street Retail


June 25 2014


July 8 2014


July 18th, 2014

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July 18th, 2014


It’s going to be breathtaking when the Steinway, Verre and the Nordstrom joins the skyline! Cheers!

Great pics


Along with the main camera found on the tower website, Earthcam has a Midtown Camera in which this tower is visible.


You can see it to the left of the Chrysler building. Right now, it looks to be about 1,180 feet or so to the core.


From Greenwich, CT:

July 17 2014


The zillion aires in Greenwich will be able to spot their Manhattan home from 35 miles away!


I think this tower will be well remembered as in pushing new boundaries. I remember the day when I first heard the news of a new"1,400 foot tall residential tower coming to NYC" and I was totally perplexed. 432 PA will certainly become on icon. :smiley:


Today from different points in Brooklyn

Clinton Hill


Brooklyn Bridge Park


The glass is still quite dirty. Therefore, its true reflectiveness is not yet visible.


That glass looks amazing!


Wow! Very nice. They removed most of the film!

Because of those windows, 432 Park for me would be tops if I was buying my mansion in the sky there.


~ 3hrs ago


The core has jumped again making this tower roughly 363.8m tall or 1,193.6 feet tall!

From what I gather this is a mechanical floor, and so was the previous floor also; so that means we won’t have any more mechanical floors to slow the progress down anymore! :smiley:


Roughly 200 more feet to go. Thats almost the equivalent of adding the ESB spire in terms of height. Just to give an idea of what we are dealing with:

Credit: Skyscraperpage Diagrams

At 1,193.6 feet, it is approaching the roof height of the ESB which is 1,250 ft.


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Here’s 432 about 4 miles south in TriBeCa.